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How do you schedule Lively Latin?

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I'm glad I have the cd-roms but I can really see the disadvantage of not having an actual book in my hands. I can't get a good grasp of the size of "lesson". From what I'm seeing a lesson is 20 - 25 pages long. Obviously that's not intended to be finished in a day. I'm not completely comfortable with being able to look at it and "get" where the natural daily breaks should happen either. I feel like I'm just scrolling through pages in one flow. Does that make sense?


Also, I see how the end tends to be flash cards. I guess we'll do those everyday. Am I missing a "teacher's manual" in all this? Her recommendations on how to go through it? Even maybe an idea of what she sees as a good plan on what to do weekly? If not, can you give me a quick idea of what you do? Do you complete a lesson in a week? More? Less?


Thank you!

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I print one chapter at a time.


We review vocab every day. Now that we are almost at the end of the series, we have 3 piles of vocab cards that get alternated.



We do one page of work a day (my son just turned 8) and if there's a reading section, we include that with the lesson or exercise. We do not do the "make your own book" section.


I am not trying to rush book one through a one year cycle due to my son's age. When we get done we will just move on to the next book (I'm thinking by the end of August). By then we will have been working on it for 16 months (one month per chapter on average as we had a bunch of breaks).

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We are doing it at the rate of 1 lesson per month. So it will take us about 16 months to get through the material. It works out to 1 worksheet, story or vocabulary list per day. We do the flashcards and chants and then work on the material.


We are on lesson 6 and vocabulary list D. I really like this program and think that it is set up very well.


Hope this helps.:001_smile:

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