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Pentime 4-- Line width

Medieval Mom

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Sorry, I can't answer your question, but I was wondering if I could ask you a question. :o I see you have a 5yo--are you teaching cursive first with Pentime 3? I was just looking into doing this. I would like to teach cursive first, and I love the font of R&S Penmanship and Pentime (also that it's on Educational Fontware), and I was wondering if it would be possible to teach cursive first with one of these (since you must begin in the 2nd or 3rd grade level). Are you doing this, and is it working well for you?

And hopefully this will "bump" your thread so that someone can actually answer your question.:)

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Thanks for the question! Actually, I did teach my ds5 (turning 6 tomorrow!) cursive first. I used these worksheet online:



Then I bought Educational Fontware and made my own copywork using the Cursive First font. My son really appreciated having the starting dot.


I just ordered the Pentime 3, which my son has begun only today! He likes the look of it, though, and so do I. It has a 1/2" line width, which I think is as large as I would go. It does include some longer copywork passages which may or may not be too long for him at this point-- We'll see!


I think you could use it as an intro into cursive if you took things slowly and added in some extra practice here and there. Pentime 3 starts out with cursive strokes and reteaches all the letters.


I hope this helps! My son is very proud of his cursive handwriting, and loves to show it off. He is also very aware now of signs around town that use cursive. ;)

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No, thank you for the answers!;) I really appreciate you sharing your experience. It is great to hear that such a young little boy can learn to write cursive (and a happy birthday to him!). And that is interesting about the line width. I've wondered about that before, since the later grades usually have smaller widths (but I've heard those that teach cursive first actually like the smaller widths). We are still in the "pre-writing" stage here, but I just made some little cursive flashcards for my son, and after seeing them only a couple of times I think he has that down. I'm hoping to attempt cursive first...we'll see how it goes! Thanks for the encouraging info...and I'm going now to check out that link.

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