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Any homeschoolers in the Amarillo, Texas area? Urgent need to talk to someone!

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If you live in the Amarillo, Texas area, I'm a little pressed for time to talk to someone who can talk to me about what homeschooling resources there are for high schoolers (co-op classes, etc).


I've tried to contact the PCHEA in Amarillo, no voice mail on the phone and no email response for the last week. DH has an interview on Friday, and we would like to know as much about what we may be getting into before the interview.


Also, I need to talk to someone about special ed (we have one son with Down Syndrome).


Please email me (I don't check pm's as much) and I can call you on my dime.


Many thanks, Debbie in Nashville

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Have you tried contacting the Texas Homeschool Coilition (sp!)? Their offices are in Lubbock and they might have a real live contact person in Amarillo they could put you in touch with.


Google THSC and you'll be able to find a phone number, I think.


If you can't find information, please PM me and I'll do some digging. We used to live near Amarillo, but didn't homeschool at the time.

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