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Workboxes for Little People


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Okay, I really DON'T need the workbox system. After all, can you IMAGINE how much space that would take up in my house? But I am looking at organizing something a bit similar by shelves.


But, I want some ideas for my 4yob and 2yog.


We have HOD's Little Hands.


I know this has been done 100 times and *I* used to be fun and have 100 suggestions, but my fun has run out and I just want to be able to glide smoothly from one child to another.


The 2yo is actually an almost 3yo little girl with amazing verbal abilities.

The 4.5 year old is actually a little boy with the amazing ability to NEVER hold still, although it has gotten SO much better this year.


The really cool thing? They are so very much on the exact same level! I'm loving it! FINALLY my kids are getting to a combinable age!! (I'm combining my 5yo and 7yo this year too but that's OT and a completely different JOY!)


So I need lists of rotational activities.


This can (and please do) include a few purchased items. If you have purchased something you have used 1,000,000 times and would happily buy again, please let me know. We've really run through all of our preschool stuff and it's going to be vital for me to really restock a little to keep them busy.


Oh, and I love ya'all, but I'm not doing sand, water, or bubbles in the house. Good idea though.



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I take it that rules out anything at all messy, like a bean/rice box? I had a big, flat plastic under the bed storage container that I filled with rice or sometimes dry beans for a change. I could slide it out of sight when not in use and it was great for fine motor skills- I put funnels, spoons, a pitcher, cups and bowls in there and they would transfer, sift, and pour for a long time. I put a sheet under it and told them to stay in that area, so it gave them a defined boundary, but they would get it outside the box and I would just vacuum it up when they were done. Or would your 3 yo eat the rice/beans?


What about large (non-chokable size) beads to thread? Haba makes some big, chunky wooden beads in different shapes that comes with string and a little tool to help thread.


This kept my preschoolers very busy, but it's only for kids who won't eat the nails or dump them everywhere. (The nails are tiny but dull). It's listed as not for children under 3.


Are they able to use a glue stick or tape without eating it or using it inappropriately, if you were nearby? You could set out simple craft supplies, like pom poms and construction paper and let them glue or tape the pom poms. Or give them stickers and paper, my kids would spend a long time sticking those on. Kumon sells some sticker and paste books that were well loved at about 3yo here.


Lauri toys always have good activities: pegs for stacking, letters and numbers to put in order, recite the letter names, sing the alphabet song, put the correct number of objects with the number, etc. MFW sells a Lauri preschool package that was a good investment for us. It's just toys with a small pamphlet of activity ideas.


What about a big, non-breakable, magnifying glass so they can examine the pets' fur (if you have any), each other's hair, the fibers on the carpet, the grass outside, etc.


I always look at For Small Hands and Lakeshore Learning for ideas.


ETA: Some of my ideas are too big for workboxes, but some craft supplies, Kumon books,threading toys, a Lauri toy here and there, will fit. If you have pattern blocks you could put two shapes- like circles and squares, in one of the workboxes and give them a "mission" to sort out all the circles and put them in a small cup or container. Mighty Mind might be good.

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LOVE the sticker and paste link. My goal is to figure out a good 8-10 ideas that are low supervision, meaning the little ones can be occupied quietly at the table together while I teach my 5yo and 7yo. And we'll alternate table time obviously with the whole singing, active, outside stuff as well. It's always the quiet, sit down things I can't seem to function well at.

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