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Artistic Pursuits K-3 Supplies


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I'm waiting to receive this but would like to place my Rainbow order soon -- can anyone with this book tell me which supplies I would need during the first few months? I'd rather not order the whole list. The suggested items include:


ebony pencil

modeling clay

tissue paper

black construction paper

colored construction paper


oil pastels

chalk pastels

sketch pad


watercolor pad


Thank you!

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We used this in co-op last year. Let me run down and get the book ...


Les 1 - ebony pencil & sketch paper

Les 2 - watercolor crayons, watercolor paper, & brush

Les 3 - same as 1

Les 4 - same as 2

Les 5 - same as 2

Les 6 - oil pastels & sketch paper

Les 7- same as 2

Les 8 - same as 2

Les 9 - same as 2

Les 10 - soft pastels and construction paper - the construction paper is for "framing" their artwork, you could get this later and do all their artwork at once.


Older dd likes these earasers http://rainbowresource.com/wldetail.php?sid=1245714490-879262&id=008537 I'll be using them next year.


Also found these http://rainbowresource.com/wldetail.php?sid=1245714490-879262&id=043650 this year. I think they will be great for storage and inexpensive too!


I had kids 6-8 in co-op and I called the Ebony pencil the "Super Hero Pencil" like they recommended...big hit!


We only made it through lesson 10, we'll do more from this book next year! Make sure you visit an art museum mid - late year! Have fun!

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