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need help finding a key boarding program


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I am looking for opinion on successful keyboarding programs. My girls have some computer knowledge... sometimes more then me. HOwever, I would like to expanded their typing skills. Has anyone used a program that they loved and recommend. Which ones to stay away from.



7th and 5th graders

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Sponge Bob Typing was fun, but Mavis Beacon's Platinum Edition was very effective, and still reasonably pleasant.



What ages is this for? I feel sponge bob would be a little young. Is Mavis Beacon's geared for Middle school?

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Typing Instructor for Kids/Typing Instructor Deluxe.


Basically the same program but with different games. We bought both as a bundle (at CBD - only $1 more for the bundle than for one alone) so I didn't have to make up my mind and the kids could decide which they liked better. My 11 and 8yos liked the for Kids one, your older ones might like the other. Just don't install them both on the same computer at the same time - apparently they have files with the same name and it screws things up!


But the program has been a big hit here, and their typing skills have improved quite a bit.

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While Mavis Beacon's Platinum Edition is not designed for children, it certainly is designed to work with the child in all of us.


If you take the placement tests and follow the activities the program prescribes for your strengths and weaknesses, you will make optimal progress. You do about 3 exercises, followed by a "game", which is also an exercise, but somewhat more fun.


My 8th grade daughter greatly prefers Mavis Beacon to Sponge Bob. After all, she's "not a kid!" (Chuckle. Got that?!)


My 5th grader is a 10 year old boy. He's not a mature for his age 10 year old boy, or an academically advanced 10 year old boy, or anything else grandiose a parent might come up with. He's 10 - full stop. He enjoys Mavis Beacon too. He finds the activities moderately enjoyable, and he appreciates that he makes somewhat better progress when he goes along with "Ms. Beacon's instructions".


Given those factors, I'd say that it's appropriate for Middle Schoolers. They're prickly beings. They don't want overtly childish things, but they don't want to be bored out of their skulls with excessively "mature" things either.


Mavis Beacon's Platinum is a good fit at our house. We also have Sponge Bob, but he's mostly used to entertain younger visitors while my two grind through their morning studies.

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