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Where is Rose? (dragons in the flower bed)

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I don't know.


I have her blog in my blog roll, but whenever I click on it, it seems to have been deleted. I though she was having technical difficulties, but it's been going on for a while now. I don't have her email address . . . but if anyone does . . . tell her that I've been thinking of her.


Hmmmm . . . I hope all is well with her. I used to really love her blog.

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I was just wondering this too! She isn't on facebook anymore either. Did she say she was going to quit cold turkey? I must have missed that. I really miss her too. Is she just taking off for the summer? I was worried something might have happened to her.

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Last I heard, she quit forums/networking sites cold turkey.



Yes, that's what she said. Too much time online interferring with life -- that kind of thing. I understand completely, but miss her anyway.

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I haven't seen her around and was wondering if anyone knows what she's up to.


Hi Karen. I miss you too.


We're all fine. I just quit homeschool social networking except one locked down Twitter feed I use to keep records and the occasional impulse to defend polyamory. E-mail's a better way to stay in touch with me: hootandflutter at yahoo.


Oh, and I'd love it if someone took over moderating the WTM Forum Blogring. Anyone who wants to should e-mail me. It's a piece of cake.

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So glad to hear you all are OK!!! I was beginning to worry. Though I don't post often, I have been faithful to these boards for years and knew you had been absent lately. :glare:


Missing your posts that are usually chock full of great wisdom, insight and ideas!


Take care, Rose!:001_smile:

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