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What to do with old maps?

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I'm hoping the Hive can help me think of neat things to do with a box of old maps. I've come into a bunch of old national geographic maps. Those that I thought would be useful to specific individuals I know have been given away. I know there must be neat things I could do with these maps so I haven't been able to bring myself to throw them out. I found some neat ideas like decoupaging a coffee table or old chair but I'm kind of out of those right now. So what cool things would you do with a bunch of free maps?

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Acquaintances of mine used them as wallpaper.
We did this in our basement/schoolroom/living room. We didn't do anything fancier than attaching the maps to the wall using whatever adhesive you generally use (tape, putty, whatever). We also had a stack of maps from Nat'l Geographic, and we generally tried to keep countries in their regions. Not the fanciest decorating style out there, but it's interesting and the kids occasionally look at a map here and there, so they're definitely getting much more eye traffic than they were folded, stacked and stored somewhere.


You could make large jigsaw puzzles out of them? If you had two maps the same size you could glue them back to back and make a double-sided puzzle?

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I've seen the wallpaper idea done on some sort of home improvement show on TV (don't know which one :tongue_smilie:). It was really cool looking and is something I always wanted to do in the office/school room when we get a house of our own.


They used wallpaper glue, hanging up the maps at different angles and overlapping alot. There was only one (or maybe two) walls done in the maps, with the other walls painted in a coordinating color. Also, I believe they aged the maps using teabags.


Have fun finding ideas!!

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