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OT: 13yo and 'dry at night' issue

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I just wanted to share this with those who have the same issue. My 13yo ds had never been 'dry at night'. There is family history on both sides, and we had decided to just wait and wait. Ds was checked out by a urologist and we found that there was nothing 'wrong'.


If I had had my way, I would have tried chiropractic treatments years ago, but I'm frequently outnumbered 2-1 here. At the beginning of this year, ds decided he wanted to go to overnight basketball camp with a friend this summer. He also decided he wanted to be 'dry at night'. Dh took him to the pediatrician, who gave him a prescription for DDAVP (generic form is Desmopressin). He was also told to not drink anything after 8pm and empty his bladder at bedtime. Ds followed the instructions and took 1 pill each night for 6 weeks. Then, he took 1/2 pill for another 6 weeks. In all that time, he had 1 accident and it was a night he was sick. After 12 weeks, he started skipping doses and then stopped fairly quickly. He's been dry (with that 1 exception) since he started the drugs. It's been about 5 months now.


The other interesting thing is that ds is no longer the heavy sleeper he used to be. He used to sleep through the fire alarm. Now, he'll regularly wake up at 5am, use the bathroom, and go back to sleep.


I wanted to share this for those who may be in the same situation. It's not common and it's not discussed much.



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My oldest had bedwetting problems as well. We tried the medicine you mentioned and it made her sleep even harder. So we discontinued it. It took a while , she was 8 by the time she stopped. But I too noticed that when she stopped sleeping so heavily was when her bedwetting stopped( we too by the way had her checked out to make sure nothing was going on.)

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I'm glad that worked for you.


I wish we could figure out something to work. I really feel for my ds.


He was doing REALLY well sleeping on the couch with the tv on, but both times he's tried to move (once to a bed, now to a futon) after MONTHS of being dry each time, he couldn't keep it up.


The bedwetting specialist at Children's said there was nothing wrong. The medication didn't work. The chiropractic care didnt' work. The elimination diet didn't work. The supplementation didn't work.


He's 14.

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If a seven-year old wets every night,they will almost never stop without getting proper help. This study found that if a seven-year old is wetting just one or two nights per week, he has a 96% chance of wetting until at least age 15. If they wet three to six times, they have a 76% chance of wetting until at least age 19.


Ty was wet every night at 7....and almost every night at 12. :(


And maybe THIS is the reason why the couch/tv combo works (usually) but doesn't work outside that:


If one were to outgrow bedwetting, then they are left with the sleep disorder that caused the bedwetting in the first place.


We didn't solve bedwetting really, just found a good bandaid to stop the bleeding. He's still left with what is causing the problem and so you take the bandaid off and he's still bleeding.


Interesting how it's tied to ADHD and other issues also. I don't see a cost on this site though....I'm starting to think no cost is too much. This has really hurt Tyler. If he won't outgrow it afterall, what choice do we have than to seek treatment?

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