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If you've been to Medieval Times and had the chicken...

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Can anyone offer up a recipe that would come out like the chicken quarters? Honestly, I thought it was the best chicken I had ever eaten and I'm hard to please with anything that includes bones and tendons. The spice on there...and it was so juicy. I saw chicken quarters on sale at Martins and bought them, remembering that delectable chicken. I want to make something like it.

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So, did you enjoy the show, or were you too distracted by the chicken? :lol:


My family went many, many years ago with my grandma. It was great. We got to sit in the front row because my grandma couldn't climb the stairs--that meant we didn't have to stand in line, either. They pulled us out of line and took us in by a handicap-accessible route.


My younger sister flirted (with her eyes) with one of the knights, and he came over and gave her a rose. Then, when it was time for the knights to pick a girl to hold his colors, he rode up to me. (it was a piece of fabric tied to the lance).


It was great, until mom and grandma pulled out some ziplock bags from their purses for our leftover food. :blushing:


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