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SOTW, Vol 1


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Does anyone have any ideas for a timeline for SOTW, Vol 1? I haven't been able to find much online.


Also, I have the older version of the book and need to purchase the activity guide. I read on Amazon on some of the reviews that if you are going to purchase the revised Activity Guide, then you should purchase the correct book that goes with it so you aren't "lost".


Anyone have any experience with this? I didn't want to have to purchase the book over again since I just bought it last year and never got around to using it.


Also, I want to start Vol 1 with my 2nd grader. I am wondering if I should just wait until 4th grade since I didn't start it in 1st. I do really want her to study some history because I think SOTW would be fun/interesting for her. She is my "wiggly" child and I am trying to involve some thing that have activities/crafts.


I also have a kindergartner who will just sit and listen/follow along/play, etc.

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I put together my own set of timeline figures for SOTW 1 (and included a few additional biblical figures). I also created a foldable timeline that will fit in a notebook binder. You just glue the pages together and accordion-fold the pages.


You can download the files from this page on my website - http://www.encourageachild.com/page7.html


I hope this helps.


Merri Dennis:)

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You can find timeline figures for SOTW1 to 3 as well as a timeline template at the files section of this Yahoo group.


I would go ahead and do SOTW1 with your 2nd grader. Your kindergartner could easily listen in and join in the activities. You'll be surprised how much he/she will learn!


There was a recent thread (sorry, I don't have time to search) about the new activity guide being used with the old book and I remember people saying that this is not a problem.

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