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Do you tip for curbside takeout?

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Years ago, I had a friend who worked for Sonic as a carhop. She made less than minimum wage because of tips making up the difference. When it was new, she would make lots in tips, but it went down a bit after the newness wore off. I don't know if they still have the same pay policy or not, but I usually just tell them to keep the change from the dollar bills.

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The Sonics here pay over minimum wage and have for as long as I can remember. I don't tip them as I really don't see it as any different than me going through a drive through. Once in a blue moon, I've done so for extra service or attitude, but it's been extremely rare.


I tip 20-50% at sit-down restaurants.

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We do this at both Chilis and Outback. I tip 20%. I am a generous tipper, and I get better service because of it. Once I showed up at Chilis without my wallet. They gave me my food and I just called back with my credit card when I got home. Also, they give us free chips and salsa when we forget to order it. At Outback, I often have to wait extra time because we order gluten free food there. They always bring me a free drink while I am waiting.


My grandparents were good tippers, and I just follow their lead, I guess.

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