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PlaidDad, can you offer any details about CLAA praeceptor training? anyone else?


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It looks very intriguing, but they don't provide a ton of info, especially considering the price of the course!


I'm assuming one would emerge with an excellent understanding of the theory and principals of classical education.


What about practical application? The summary makes it clear that, traditionally, praeceptors were not in charge of curriculum and did not teach lessons; rather, they supervised the work the instructor assigned. So, would the training be helpful if you are, in fact, your child's primary teacher (ie, not taking most courses through CLAA, etc)?


Does it help one be able to plan a course of study in rhetoric, or does it strictly provide a historical understanding of what rhetoric is?


I guess my questions boil down to, does it help one become a better home school teacher (more so than reading a history of classical education), or is it geared more toward being an actual praeceptor?


I'd love to hear anything you have to say about the training, any details at all! And of course anyone else who is undertaking it.


thanks in advance!!

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Wow, I was actually on the forums earlier and totally missed that. going check it out . . .


edited because I went and read it:


The new option will be about 30 lessons that relate only to home schooling your own children. It will be the same content as the lessons in the original course, just fewer lessons (it won't include all the info on serving as a praeceptor to other families, working with CLAA, etc).


Best of all, if you finish and decide you do want the other lessons, you will be able to pay the difference in fees and add it on.


$125 instead of $275; available in about a week.

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