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Looking for a review of Robin Finlay's

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Teaching the Essay and Teaching the Research Report curriculum. She's the author of Analytical Grammar.


Anyone use this? Any reviews?


I've searched the board but nothing turned up.


Here's a link:http://www.analyticalgrammar.com/teaching-the-essay


Thanks, Stacy

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We have both of them. They do not work for us at all. DS does much better with IEWs method.


Although the disc *seems* to explain things well, it is very "it's obvious, can't you see?" oriented. And it WASN'T obvious for my DS.


I don't know if he is simply not able to visualize lessons that are only given orally (no "person" component), or if they were bad... sorry. I love her grammar series, and so does DS. He is working through the high school books.




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Hummm, We used IEW's SWI B this past year. While we got a lot out of it, we both felt the way the research report (units 4 and 6, I think) was taught was a bit contrived.


Thanks for your input, Asta.


That's interesting.


Does the SWI series teach it the same way as TWSS does? (I wouldn't know, only having used TWSS).


In TWSS, the research paper is just a grouping together of essays that were written on particular points of a subject. Since the essay format makes a lot of sense to DS, he was finally able to see the "big picture" concept behind a research paper.




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