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Need interesting reading for 8yr boy (CC)

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My older son is a veracious reader and has always found non-fiction extremely interesting. My younger son, however, is more interested in Batman, Spiderman, etc. Well, now that he is 8yo he is no longer interested in the Juvenile easy versions of those books and unfortunately, the older juvenile fiction versions are inappropriate (comics drawn with women barely clothed, heavy violence, evil themes) and we do not know how to direct him. He is simply not interested in the same classics that his brother has found interesting.


Do you have any suggestions for Christian (or at least well written) juvenile books that would be entertaining to someone who prefers this genre? I want to be able to say "yes" to a book instead of "no". I recently previewed Bionicles for him and the themes were all hate and violence...we don't want his head filled with that junk and would like to offer him some entertaining books he would enjoy without the other stuff.




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How about books like Swiss Family Robinson, Dr. Dolittle, Pippi Longstocking, Wizard of Oz? My boys have read & enjoyed those.


They also like the Redwall books. They listened to as many as we could find on cd & now they're reading their way through them. Not sure if those would have anything you'd consider objectionable, though. We're pretty conservative & I think they've been fine.


I wonder if myths would satisfy your son's desire for "superhero" type stories? (I think all boys like such stories! :) )


Oh, how about Iliad/Odyssey stories? We're reading Colum's The Children's Homer aloud right now & my boys are enjoying that. There are a number of picture book/easy reader books at the library about those. My boys liked the Ancient Greece of Odysseus by Connolly along with the Iliad & Odyssey.


Veritas Press has a teen James Bond type book on their Grades 3-6 summer reading list.... the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz... but those are definitely more violent. (I'm really not too sure why VP includes them? They don't seem particularly impressive/outstanding to me. But then, I'm not a boy.... )


A few people have suggested the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. The first book in the series is Lightning Thief. I just picked it up at a book sale. (One of our libraries has 81 copies of it, but 296 requests/holds on them!)


My boys have also started reading a few of the older Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew books. My husband is reading Blyton's Famous Five series aloud to them in French (Club des Cinq) and they really like those. I imagine they'd be as good in English.




ETA: I just finished Lightning Thief, the first of the Percy Jackson series. If you don't like Harry Potter, I don't think you'll like this book, either.

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Enjoy! Warmest regards, Lori D.



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My son was having difficulty finding what he liked to read, so this last year (he turned 8 last October), I started having a reading aloud time just for him. I would read for only 10 to 15 minutes because with 4 children that is all the time I could spare. I was able to read several different books to him that had been deemed "good for boys". Just doing this seems to have helped him immensely. It wasn't until the year's end that he finally began to have an interest in reading something on his own. He started with Box Car children, then went to a couple of Beverly Cleary. But what he really likes are the sequels to The Great Brain. Who would have thought it? He also really, really loved Mossflower from the Redwall series. I read Mossflower to him and told him that if he wanted anymore from that series, he would have to read it to himself. He is still contemplating that one--the books are thick, so I think he's bit intimidated by them, but I think as he gets a little older he will tackle one. I used to be a public school teacher, and I am a big fan of reading to the kids. Without fail those reluctant readers will find something that you've read and pick it up or something similar to read for themselves. The advantage of homeschooling is that you can tailor the books you read to something suitable for your child. I think if you search the boards you'll find some fabulous "for boys" books that would give you a good starting place. My 2 cents--FWIW.

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I have no idea whether these would appeal to a comic fan, but DS has loved Hank the Cowdog since he was 4! He's nearly 12 and still LOVES these books! The whole family does in fact. I recommend these books to everyone. They are so funny and clever. And they happen to be written by a Christian man whose family homeschooled (I believe his kids are grown now.) But the books themselves are not specifically Christian.




Rainbow Resource also carries them. The audiobooks are narrated by (and songs performed by) the author.



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