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Camping checklist?

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On a previous computer I had a camping checklist I had downloaded off the internet and altered for our needs but I've lost the file and the link.


Does anyone have a good checklist for your average camping items one should remember, or a link to a place that has such checklists?



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Here's the list we use for our cub scout pack campouts. :) Adjust as needed!




-Adults can be in a tent only with their own children. If your family is bringing children from another family, the children will need a separate tent.

*sleeping bags and pillows

*extra blankets

*any medications or other personal health items

*a roll of toilet paper, just in case...

*good walking/hiking shoes (*NO* open toed shoes allowed!)

*cooler to hold drinks and food, don't forget the ice

*backpack, fanny pack, or bag to carry snacks while hiking

*camping chairs, if desired

*cooking stove, if needed and owned (will be available for those that don't)

*cookware, serveware, flatware, and silverware for preparing and serving meals

-reusable is best, but disposable is fine

*plastic bag for trash


*lantern for campsite lighting, if desired

*Class B uniform or blue shirt (or other den-specific shirt) for Saturday activities

*Class A uniform for Sunday morning service

*a good attitude, a smile, and be prepared to have a blast!!



*eat lunch before arriving on Saturday

*snacks for Saturday afternoon

Suggestions: trail mixes, dried fruit, raisins - maybe yogurt covered, raw carrots, prepackaged snack crackers, mixed nuts, cereal bars, pop tarts, wheat thins

+++ Please try to avoid snacks such as candy or baked sweets during the heat of the day. They're fine for the night campfire, but can cause health issues during the day!

*Dinner for Saturday night

Easy suggestion: hotdogs (boil in water on stove) with chips

Advanced suggestion: beef or chicken fajitas, or taco salad

*Breakfast for Sunday morning

Easy suggestion: scrambled eggs and toast

Advanced suggestion: breakfast tacos, or pancake-egg-sausage/bacon sandwiches


-Propane stoves only, and will have available if you dont have one. NO fires allowed due to burn ban; no liquid fuel allowed.

-Always optional to bring foods which don't require cooking: chips and sandwiches or the like for lunch, and meals to mix with water (like instant oatmeal) for breakfast.

-Because we are under a burn ban, we will not be having a campfire on which to roast marshmallows for smores. If you'd like to participate in this practice, you can do so on your gas grill... though it's not quite the same!!



*There will be opportunity after the service Sunday morning.

*Bring your own poles, tackle, and bait.

*Children age 14 years and older, and all adults, must have a license if they wish to fish. This is a public lake, not a state park!

*Children under age 14 can fish without a license. Adults may help, but only to an extent if the adult is not licensed. Do not have the pole in your hand if you are not licensed!



*open-toed shoes


*electronic devices such as video games, ipods, etc

*tobacco products


*illegal drugs



Is this what you're looking for?

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I have a great one but it's kinda long to post. If you want to pm me your email, I'll shoot it over. I have a mac, so it'll be a pdf you can copy and paste into a word doc to edit as needed. It's long because it's detailed, but most of the things are small and fit into one "cooking" tub and one "general" tub, not including the tent and bedding and wood.

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