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If I wanted some farm animals, would I be crazy?

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I wish we lived on a farm! I wish we had some farm animals. I don't want anything in the house not even a dog or cat basically to protect our musical inst. I know crazy but if a dog chewed up our harp- I would scream and cry!


So what are a couple of animals we could have outdoors and how would we start this adventure? Would you start with chickens or what?

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Ducks are my favorite. They are fun animals to have. Chickens are good too. We have goats, sheep, cattle, a hog, ducks, chickens and rabbits, pretty much everything. Rabbits are easy to raise for meat and taste delicious. Are you wanting to raise your own food?


We have been through a lot of trial and error. Feel free to ask questions about specific species.



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Anne's got the idea: visit someone near you who has the animals you're considering. There's a lot more involved with mammals than with poultry. Chickens are easy. They practically take care of themselves -- just make sure they have a safe place to roost at night, clean water, and some layer pellets for the hens. They give you delicious eggs and, if you can let them free-range, a lot of entertainment. We love our chickens!


We have a cello over here (and a piano and a viola which isn't ever on the ground anyway) and our indoor dog never touches it. I don't think house dogs in general are a problem -- you just want to make sure you don't get a chewer (no puppies for sure).



We have/have had ducks, chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys, peafowl, dairy goats, angora rabbits, and alpacas!

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How COULD I have forgotten the ducks?!
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