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Apartment instead of hotel

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We stayed in a hotel in London, but rented a flat in Paris through http://www.vacationinparis.com and it was just fantastic. Since you mentioned Paris as another possibility, I thought I'd give the link.


Here's the apartment where we stayed, and it really did have an *amazing* view. We would happily stay there again. (They say this one sleeps 4, but some of the others sleep 6 or more, so check the other flats they have on offer...)

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We did not stay in a flat, but I will make a recommendation just in case it is of help to you.


We LOVED The Blades in the Pimlico area. LOVED. IT. It was reasonably priced, minutes from the tube, near bakeries and at least one decent pub, and has at least one, larger, family room (there may be two but I'm not sure). Our room was nice--MUCH nicer than the Corbigoe across the street (which I would NOT recommend). At the time the Guy In Charge was Kevin, and he was the epitome of the helpful, jovial, really hilarious host.


When we were in London we had breakfast at The Blades (it's a B&B) and grabbed our lunch from a nearby bakery. We supplemented with fruit and veggies from the grocery store. We got our dinners to go from pubs (love that curry!) and ate back at The Blades--they were soooo accommodating.

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