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I am really interested in this and have even read all gazillion posts about it on the FIAR board. Do I need the book to get started with this? Think there's any hope buying it used?




Buy what used? The book or the system? The system no, That you jsut put together based on your own needs. I bought buckets at the $ store that I knew I would use for tpy storage etc if the workbox system doesn't work for us.

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I am not planning on buying the book. As far as finding it used-it might be a little hard with the popularity of the system. I think I have read enough about it on different forums and blogs that I can put it together with some velcro and construction paper. I will just laminate the numbers and strip and see how it works.

As far as the bins I just bought a tall plastic 7 drawer container at Walmart for $22.00. I figure if it doesn't work for us I can always use it for lots of other things. I thought the seperate bins take up to much space for my needs. They have taller bins with more drawers if needed, I was thinking of $$$ the taller ones jump up in price. I figured we can double up in some of the larger drawers. If I have something to large I will put it on top and put a sticky note inside of the drawer.

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If you've read all the stuff at FIAR and you know how to set up the system, I wouldn't worry about buying the book, unless you are new at homeschooling. Very little of the books is actually on the system, but on starting homeschooling in general.


I wish I could sell you my book, but I got it in e-book format, so I can't resell. :(

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I feel a bit guilty about not buying the book since I am using the woman's idea but I have tweaked that idea so much that it would be a waste of my money to buy the book. I got all of my ideas from reading the threads from FIAR and here as well as the yahoo groups.



Well this isn't an original idea - lots of moms have been doing this for years. I have been using my own version for a long time. I got the idea from another mom who used to do a similar thing in the classroom when she was a teacher. So it's not something this woman invented.

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I am really interested in this and have even read all gazillion posts about it on the FIAR board. Do I need the book to get started with this? Think there's any hope buying it used?




I've been researching it too. Of course, I bought all my stuff (we're using Sterilite drawers instead of boxes) and got everything set up, and then we all promptly got sick and stayed sick for almost a month :glare: But there are loads of resources out there for this. If you want and you haven't already seen them, I can link a bunch of blogs and the Yahoo group for you.


I wondered about the book too, but it's a bit out of my price range :( It seems like the only concepts I'm missing info on are the centers, and if they're what I think they are, I wouldn't do those anyway. So far, the Yahoo group has been the most help. I love seeing pictures of other people's setups.


Let me know if you haven't seen the links yet and want them!

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I am sure the book is great and helpful, but I didn't want to have to buy it in order to get started on this system.


melissel -- I'd love any links you have; I've been browsing around looking at different sites, but if you have some good one I'm :bigear:!


Thanks so much!


I was just browsing through them again. Your post got me going :lol:


Here are some to start with. The first Yahoo! group is terrific. I'm waiting for approval on some others:




little ones






catholic workboxes















Leslie Nielsen's awesome blog


(She also has some great links for preschool activities in her right-hand sidebar!)



(My system is set up like hers, with the same drawer sets and a laminated page of 9 squares.)















More to come!

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OK, there are a lot more links than there were a few weeks ago when I started this research :lol: I think I'll stop there, because I bet you're sorry you asked me post anything for you! I was actually kind of doing that for myself too, as a handy reference. That last link has a Mr. Linky link list to workboxing bloggers, so from what I posted, you should be able to go off in any direction you want.


I'm also keeping my eyes peeled for workbox projects for my DD3.5 too, so if you come across any good ideas, let me know! I've made some file folder games, but she has a pretty short attention span these days, so I'm trying to come up with lots of backups.



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I feel a bit guilty about not buying the book since I am using the woman's idea


I'm thinking of using some of her ideas this year in 8th grade, believe it or not.


But I agree that she can be credited with helping homeschoolers via the current craze at least, and if I do use a bunch of her ideas, I ought to reward her for her time & effort. I guess I'll decide on buying the book once I see if I really start using any of her ideas. Just wanted to say that I have the same issue.

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Keep an eye on http://www.homeschoolshare.com/workbox.php for workbox ideas. There isn't much there now, but the Blast Contest is almost done and I'm sure there is going to be a lot there when all is said and done. Many of the ladies at HSS are using workboxes and are creating all kinds of things to use.


There is also a whole section in the forum for workboxes.

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