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Looking for ideas on FUN Educational Group Activities like Science Fairs

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I host a History Night every winter and I would like to add something to the fall schedule, but I am unsure what to do. History Night is a BIG event with costumes, display boards, food etc... I would like it to be a bit different and am looking for ideas.


All my searching on the Internet hasn't found anything so I am asking for help in what do you do with your homeschool group? OR even what do you think would be a lot of fun for a special night?


Thanks for any help you all can provide!!!



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Our homeschool group closes out the year with a recitation for grades k on up. The kids do not use a microphone and must have their piece memorized. It is really great. And we finish with ice cream, which makes it even better.


In the fall, we've done Math day, and kids are broken up into age ranges and they participate in 3 or so different activities -- tanagrams, cuisennaire rods, logic/reasoning. We each pay $2 and the coordinator buys a bunch of stuff from oriental trading company; then the older kids man registers and the younger children purchase items with play money from the "store." The kids LOVE this event.


Finally, this year with did a field day. Silly games, crafts, and snack. Everyone said it was great.



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We love to find an interesting, obscure, historical, funny holiday and explore that person, place, event or thing to the extreme. LOL Here is a link to special days throughout the year...we have a book, too, that someone recommended here but I can't remember the title right now. http://homeschooling.about.com/od/fundaycalendars/Holiday_Calendar_Celebrate_Special_Days_Every_Month.htm

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