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For Now a HAPPY dance...

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My last looooong post explained the successes and challenges we've had recently.


The dr approved us weaning our dd off of seroquel....nasty med for "her". Maybe it works for others.


She's just finished a week of 1/am and 1/pm at 25 mg. dose. That was Wed. Then Thursday, yesterday, was her first day of taking only 1 at night. She woke up Friday, today and was the model child....she is the dd I remember. She was loving, caring, focused, joyful. It only took her 2 hours to do a math lesson of 30 problems instead of 2 full days! And, she reasoned through them and got them all correct. She finished 2 pages of language too! You can bet I treated her to a yummy strawberry shake from Jack In The Box! :D


We are thankful, pleased, etc. We hope it stays! We've seen she's at her "best" behavior as she first STARTS a med and when she is being WEANED from one. Then her body adjusts/metabolizes and loses the punch.


We're also thankful she is seizure-free.


We'll continue to give her the meds, but it's God who works miracles!


Sheryl <><

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