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Classical Writing- Can you help me clarify what I need to buy?

Annie Laurie

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I am currently using this program with my 12 yo. Yes, you do need to purchase all those things, but I never ever even opened Aesop. I do refer to the Homer book quite a bit to understand what I'm supposed to teach and the Instructor's guide is very helpful. I didn't purchase the Harvey's workbook. We do the older student Harvey's (there is one for youngers kids and one for slightly older and we have the latter. I can't remember what's recommended). You are also supposed to have the student write out all kinds of grammar definitions, etc. We do at least half of the program orally and just utilize one notebook. We pull spelling words out and list spelling, some grammar rules as we see necessary, and then some analyzing/outlining (you can do some of this right in the Student workbook.) I give him spelling tests at the back of the notebook. So we've simplified things considerably.


It's a very complicated and thorough approach. It took me all of last semester to really get it. I just couldn't apply myself enough! I am learning so much right alongside my son. I think it is a great program but it does require the teacher to read ahead and know what each lesson entails. But other than that everything is set out for you.

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You would buy the Older Beginner student workbook (and instructor guide), the Aesop Core, and the Homer Core. It's nice to have Harvey's Elementary Grammar on hand for reference (or use), but it's not totally necessary. Any grammar book is sufficient.


That said .... if your child is a strong writer already, you could consider skipping buying Aesop Core (I think only a couple of the writing projects in Older Beginners even come from the Aesop level, and you could probably figure out what you need to know from the Homer Core).


But, if you'll be using Aesop with a younger sibling at some point, you may as well go ahead and get it now.

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