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Cross post - socialization activities which are free

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Hiking -we've done lots of group hikes at the local Nature Preserves.

Fishing? on private land?

monthly picnics

Free days at museums

Community Service/clean up activities in the park

Fundraising for a cause

lots of 4-H stuff.

Scouts can be good, but tends to cost money if you have to fork out for uniforms/books/etc. [varies by troop]

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riding bikes (not just around the neighborhood but a longer bike trip on trails or sometimes on the side of less-traveled roads)


volunteering of all kinds


a sing-a-long. We have a young couple that hosts a sing-a-long of contemporary praise songs every few months or so. The songs they choose are usually longer than the ones sung in church. The young people bring their instruments and we have a wonderful time (us old folks are invited too:D )


neighborhood pot-luck/bbq


I remember having a great time playing capture the flag in the dark at the beach when I was a teen.

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Our local coverings like together in an area group and have recreational and educational activities.... it helps the coverings expand their activities and helps the Moms get kids out & about.


We have a monthly skate date, a monthly bowling date, a bi-weekly park date, and occassional YMCA, hike, and other activities. We also have numerous field trips.


Most of the recreational events can be free or very cheap. It is hard to find totally free though.

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Library activities. Some story times, for example, are once a week and many "regulars" come weekly.

Visiting sick, elderly, and new mothers among your relatives.

Visiting the elderly/sick (non-relatives) in a nursing home/hospital.

Neighborhood clean up / helping others with mowing the lawn or household chores.

Organizing sports and games for younger neighborhood kids.

Any other volunteering opportunity.

Summer pool activities.

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When I taught 8th grade, I had a bunch of boys who got together on a regular basis and made their own films--think young Steven Spielbergs.


Some students had "jam sessions" where they played their instruments together (piano, bass, saxophone).


Others played card games, board games, put puzzles together, knitted or did handwork together, played hackysack or ultimate frisbee.

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potlucks with other families who are friends


get togethers to do useful crafts (need to make some potholders? Do it while you sit and chat with friends)


get togethers to do kid-initiated science experiments


have a jam session with some guitars and hand drums and other acoustic instruments (oops, just saw that someone else posted that)

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