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Favorite Rightstart Math Games

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I have taken the math card games book with my on vacation and tried to familiarize myself with the games, because we haven't been playing as many as I would like. It seems like if I had a handful of "go to" games, we would play more, than if we attempt to play every one.


If you use the card games, what are the ones you and your children play over and over, either because of the skills covered or because of how fun it is?


I have one finishing Level A and one finishing Level B.



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you're RIGHT where we are! :)

we play the corners game with the oldest a lot. it has lots of varieties that i can tailor to what "drill" i feel like he needs work on.


also, we liked go to the dump for a long while.


we liked playing "memory" in the ways she suggests, like comparing the tally cards to the numeral cards (if i recall correctly . . . it was over a year ago when i did that one :( )



also, i've introduced the oldest to monopoly -- the real one, not the JR. he LOVES it and even though it's a slow-going game when you have to explain the intricacies, it was a really fun way to show him how math "works" in the real world!!!


i'm interested in replies you get!!!


i noticed in your siggy that you have "artistic pursuits" listed. what's that?! :) sounds exciting! PM me!

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What a good idea for a thread! :lurk5:


We (of course) played "Go to the Dump".


And are now enjoying "Addition War" (two cards values added).


These have both been fantastic!!!


But at some point you need to move on ;)



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good not dood!
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Love Go to the Dump and Addition War (Subtraction war and Money war are favorites too). Once the child can get the add or drop 10 concept we also love Addition Bingo and Addition Array (Subtraction Bingo, Subtraction Array). Corners gets good reviews too.


According to my 11yo: The War games, hands down. :D (And she hates make change from 50 cents-guess what they played last? ;) )



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