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I updated my personal list and thought I would share. I tried to list stuff that seemed complete and whole:


Whole Curriculum:

Ambleside Online Ambleside Online

Old Fashioned Education An Old-Fashioned Education

(Preschool and some elementary) Brightly Beaming Resources

Puritan Homeschool Curriculum. Contains many subjects but is religious. THE PURITANS’ HOME SCHOOL CURRICULUM

Core Knowledge. Teacher jargon outline is at the beginning of each lesson. Scroll past this to get to the actual activity pages of the lesson. Core Knowledge Lesson Plans



Ray's Arithmetic Ray's Arithmetic - Google Book Search

CSMP Materials. Grades k-6. CSMP Materials

First Lessons in Arithmetic Math

NC Public Schools DPI Instructional Services: Mathematics: Grades K-2 Resources (2003 SCS)

Centre for Innovation (UK) Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - Mathematics Enhancement Programme

Living Math History (Lesson Plans on Right side of Page) C1 Outline and Booklists


Math Drill:

(Online) Math Magician Oswego City School District Math Games

Printable Math Sheets Free Math Worksheets

(online) Math U See Math·U·See Drill Page

Math Worksheets to create and print http://themathworksheetsite.com/


Word Mastery http://donpotter.net/PDF/Word%20Mastery%20-%20Typed.pdf

(online) Starfall Learn to Read at Starfall - teaching comprehension and phonics

Blend Phonics Blend Phonics


Literature/Reading Guides and Units:

Novel Study Guides Novel Study Guides for the Classroom Teacher

Reading Units by Gay Miller. Awesome resource. Book Units

Garden Of Praise Reading Units. Many popular 2nd and 3rd grade reading level titles. Literature Based Reading Lessons

Glencoe Literature Guides. Lots of popular titles. Glencoe Literature: Literature Library

Literature Activity Guides by Nancy Polette. These are samples, but are in depth enough to test if your child understood the story. Literature Guides

SCORE Cyberguides. California Schools. http://www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/SCORE/cyberguide.html


Free Books:

Classical Education Library Classical Education Library

Kids 4 Classics. Read Free Classical Literature Online at Kids4Classics

Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog - Overview - Project Gutenberg

Online Library of Liberty. You could spend a lot of time on this site. Online Library of Liberty - Groups

Google Books.Tons of books to read for free. Google Book Search

The Baldwin Project. Lots of free Classic books to print or read online.The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project...Bringing Yesterday's Classics to Today's Children

Planet ebook Free section. Lots of Classic literature available to print or read online. Free eBooks at Planet eBook - Classic Novels and Literature You're Free to Share




ZB Spelling Connections Spelling Connections - Practice Pages

Splashes from the River Free Spelling Course

Webster’s Spelling http://www.donpotter.net/PDF/Webster%27s%20Spelling%20Book%201824.pdf

(online) Spelling City Online Spelling Program*-*SpellingCity.com

Merriam-Webster. Daily Buzz Word. Merriam-Webster's Word Central



ZB Online Zaner-Bloser FontsOnline 0.6.4

Writing Wizard Make Handwriting Worksheets - ESL Writing Wizard

Custom Tracer Pages Custom Tracer Pages

Nice Writing Paper printables Patterned Paper Index Page@2Learn.ca


Grammar and creative Writing:

Harvey's Grammar Elementary Grammar and Composition - Google Book Search

Young Novelist Workbooks. There is a workbook for elementary, middle and high school. Designed to go with national novel writing month, but can be used any time. Young Novelist Workbooks | NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program

English Banana Elementary Workbook. For individual pages go to: englishbanana.com - Print Your Own: Big Grammar Book > Free Worksheets for English, EFL and ESL Lessons For complete download go to: English Banana.com's Big Grammar Book - Reviews and free English Banana.com's Big Grammar Book downloads at Download.com

Scott Foresman Scott Foresman Reading: Teacher Resources

Kiss Grammar The KISS Grammar Site -- Main Page

Daily Grammar Daily Grammar Lessons Archive - Comprehensive archive of grammar lessons

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Scripted People of America History Lessons. Home School Curriculum | Free Home School Lessons for Beginners

Little City Kids. Kindy or 1st grade world history and geography. Little City Kids : Daily Lesson Plans

American Heritage. Uses teacher jargon, but is complete. Curriculum

Mosaic Introduction to World History Free Lesson Plans: Mosaic Introduction to World History Part 1: Myths, Maps, and Marvels

American History American History Curriculum


Countries and Cultures around the world. Elementary age. Countries and Cultures of the World

Sheppard Software Geography (Online) World Maps - geography online games

Discover America State by State. Uses the C is for...... book series. Gale . Discover America Series . Find Out More . Student Activities

Outline Maps Outline Maps


Current Events:

TIME for kids. Time For Kids | Classroom

NY Times Learning Network. Updated daily and many archived lessons. The New York Times Learning Network



Engineering for kids ages 8 and up. Single subject lesson plans. Nicely done and easy to understand. TryEngineering : Lesson Plans

Earth Awareness Curriculum for Middle Schoolers NSTA Source Reduction Curriculum

Life Science Curriculum http://www.eequalsmcq.com/Thank%20you%20for%20downloading%20Life%20Science.htm

Otter’s Science Homeschool Science Curriculum

K-12 Science Curriculum MSNucleus


Computer Science:

Blender 3D animation creation. blender.org - Home

Computer Programming Course Alice.org

Computer Training Courses Free Computer Training at GCFLearnFree.org

Computer Animating and Design Scratch | Home | imagine, program, share



Dick Blick Lessons Search ALL Blick Lesson Plans by... - BLICK art materials

Meet the Masters http://www.getinvolvedineducation.com/pdfs/For-Program-Managers/Meet-the-Masters-Program-Manual.pdf

A Lifetime of Color A Lifetime of Color - Lesson Plans By Grade




Dance Mat Typing BBC - Schools - Dance Mat Typing - Home

Touch Typing (Online) online free touch typing program | keyboarding tutor | Free Typing Games

Kiran's Typing Tutor. Free Typing Tutor


Foreign Language:

BBC Languages BBC - Languages - Homepage

Elementary/Middle School beginning Spanish. The first book listed is a free download. National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center - Iowa: List of Standards-Based Thematic Units

Greek and Latin Textkit - Greek and Latin Learning Tools

FSI Language Courses FSI Language Courses

Live Mocha This is a social site, so you may want to monitor your kids closely on this one. Livemocha: Learn Languages Online - English, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, å*¦ä¼šè‹±è¯*


Home Economics:

Future Christian Homemakers. FCH Lessons Index


Virtual Field Trips:

Take a field Trip. Take A Field Trip - UEN

Meet Me at the Corner Meet Me At the Corner, Virtual Field Trips for Kids

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High School and College age-ish (Online):

HippoCampus Free Courses http://www.hippocampus.org/

Mixed Courses in many subjects Free-Ed.Net

Printable Courses in all subject areas. Not sure who funds this one, but I like how the curriculum is laid out. http://www.pass.leon.k12.fl.us/Special%20Documents/Book%20Subject%20Areas.aspx

University of Berkley Courses. Tons of Free Courses available here. webcast.berkeley | UC Berkeley Video and Podcasts for Courses & Events

Yale University Open Courses. Nicely done and easy to access IMO. Online Video Lectures and Course Materials — Open Yale Courses

University of Washington free courses. OpenUW Free Courses

M.I.T. open Courseware. Tons of completely free courses in many subjects. Free Online Course Materials | Courses | MIT OpenCourseWare


Unit Studies/Notebooking:

A Journey Through Learning Inventor unit study and lapbook. Click on Free products. We enjoyed the lapbook. ajourneythroughlearning.com

H.I.P. Pocket Change. Several Lesson Plans revolving around money. H.I.P. Pocket Changeâ„¢ Web Site - Lesson Plans

Various Unit Studies Free Homeschooling Unit Studies

Oceanography CurrClick - Christian Cottage - Oceanography - try me for FREE!

Various Subjects: S.C.O.R.E. Language Arts CyberGuides

3 Curriculums about Eyes Ophthalmic Heritage & Museum of Vision

Take a Cloud Walk http://www.nostudentleftindoors.com/Files/TakeACloudWalkMar31LO.pdf

Birds Notebooking pages CurrClick -Notebooking Nook.com - Nature Study ~ Birds ~ Notebooking Pages

Canada Unit Study Canada Unit Study



Online Lesson Planner, Scheduler, and Tracker Homeschool Skedtrack - Online Lesson Planner, Scheduler, and Tracker

Super Teacher Worksheets. Lots of well done worksheets for all subject areas. Grade level 1st-4th. Super Teacher Worksheets - Free Printable Math Worksheets, Grammar Worksheets, Word Problems, Creative Writing Prompts, and More!

Donna Young DonnaYoung.org: Printables and Resources for Home, Homeschooling, and Classrooms

Free Forms Free Homeschool Forms & Worksheets by Cindy Downes

Highland Heritage Forms http://highland.hitcho.com.au/Forms.htm


My Favorite Freebie Sites:

HSLaunchHomeschool Networking and File Sharing

Homeschool Helper Homeschool Helper

Homeschool Freebie of the day. If you Sign-up for the weekly email, you will receive additional free resources. Freebie of the Day

Currclick. They feature a free product once a week to download. It usually changes Monday afternoons. CurrClick - Curriculum in a click! Affordable curriculum, lapbooks, and homeschooling resources

Freely educate. Lots of great links here. Freely Educate

Hoagies Gifted. Tons of Free high school curriculum links. Hoagies' Gifted: (Free) Online High School Courses

Homeschool Share http://www.homeschoolshare.com/

Education World I really like the lesson of the day feature. Check out the Lesson Plans Page. Education World® The Educator's Best Friend

Internet Activities to coordinate with each grade and subject. Avon Maitland District School Board - Getting Students Connected

ScholasticOnline Activities and Interactive Learning for Students in Grades PreK-12 | Scholastic.com

Softschools Free Math Games and Online practice




Please add your resources.

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Three thumbs up for you and your kindness in sharing !


I have many of your links already saved, but will read your list carefully for any others I might use.


I don't think that I saw this one on your list for high school:

http://www.hippocampus.org/ P.S. You did. I was looking for NROC, or the Monterrey Institute on your list, and forgot that they redesigned the resource to have the free courses housed at Hippo.


I taught U.S. history from that resource.


Also, did you include the online lessons from Annenberg ? I skimmed, but didn't see it initially. http://www.learner.org/ A few years ago, I brushed up my conversational Spanish by going through the entire online course.


Again, thank you so very much !

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Actually, this is all of world history, not just ancient (I perpetuated the mistake, sorry!). there are also couple of other topic weeks thrown in (holidays, science, self-awareness).


Thanks for the list. It is great!


I changed it to world history :).

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Great list! I wanted to add


www.tanglewoodeducation.com for whole curriculum ideas, book lists for grades 1-8, a free phonics/reading program, and some free lesson plans.

Thank you for this reminder! I downloaded "Really Reading!" some time back and forgot all about it.


Speaking of which, Galore Park has games to accompany Step by Step Reading; they are also described on the author's website.

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Thank you for this reminder! I downloaded "Really Reading!" some time back and forgot all about it.


Speaking of which, Galore Park has games to accompany Step by Step Reading; they are also described on the author's website.


My son learned to read with Really Reading and exposure to books alone. After completing the program he was reading at a third grade reading level.

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Thanks so much!


Forgive me if I repeat anything:


audio books/stories





Dangerous Journey (Pilgrim's Progress for kids version)

study guide



free videos



I have several free lit guides on the left-hand side of my blog as well.


Great printables:


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I found another one this morning that looks good:


FossWeb by Delta Education. Click on the subject, then teacher resources. You will then have to click on Teacher Prep videos for the lessons. Everything else on the page supports the lessons. There are games, worksheets, and many additional resources listed. Fossweb.com | FOSS 3-6 Modules

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I have found all manner of interesting things by poking around free archives of old books.


(I mentioned the 19th century schoolbooks website previously.)


I found this one on Google Books, for example, and I rather like it:



Course in nature study: for grades one and two

Detroit Public Schools



and I've just found this

Nature-study: a manual for teachers and students


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I have found all manner of interesting things by poking around free archives of old books.


(I mentioned the 19th century schoolbooks website previously.)


I found this one on Google Books, for example, and I rather like it:



Course in nature study: for grades one and two

Detroit Public Schools



and I've just found this

Nature-study: a manual for teachers and students



I love google books. I have found some real gems in their database.

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This is an awesome list - thanks!!


Another to add for Math and Science Grades K-5 is http://pgcounty.scottforesman.com/

and The Baltimore Project has lesson plans for various subjects for grades K-5 http://www.cstone.net/~bcp/BCPIntro2.htm

A world history outline is available at http://www.smithlifescience.com/SS2005LessonPlans.htm

and Science plans for 6th grade based on the "Prentice-Hall Life Science" book at http://www.smithlifescience.com/.

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