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A Question For You Corgi Owners....

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We rescued a Pembroke Corgi a few months ago; he was 50 lbs when we got him; his poor belly actually dragged on the ground! We've taken probably 20 lbs off him through diet and exercise. He looks nice and svelte now, with a waist and everything! He gets along great with our other dog and I've got to say, Corgis are just a RIOT! We are so taken with him; I doubt we'll ever be without a Corgi in our house. We've never had such a small dog, but he's really a BIG dog in a small package!


But I digress......I have never, ever seen a dog shed like he does! And I'm not shed-phobic; I have giant, double-coated dogs who can generate an insane amount of hair. But the Corgi seems to be ALWAYS shedding! We feed a super-high quality kibble (Nature's Variety Prairie Beef) supplemented with raw.


Is it a breed thing? Do your Corgis shed like this?


Thanks for any info!


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It does a great job and the dogs seem to really enjoy it. Get a Furminator and make one of the kids take that as a household responsibility. I love Corgis. Just a fyi...I have heard that they can not swim. A friend has one and says that her dog has to wear a little life jacket when they go to the river. (How cute is that! A Corgi in a lifejacket!)


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