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What kind of exercise is this . . . help me with a search term! Please!

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So, I have my handy-dandy new diagnosis and research indicates that strength training, more than cardio training, helps balance insulin and both, of course, would be better. Though if one could only do one, strength is it.


Well, I cannot tell you how boring the idea of weight lifting is to me. However, some kinds of exercise have built-in strength training. The thing that comes to mind is lap swimming. That definately counts at an aerobic exercis with built in strength (resistance) training. But besides swimming, what other exercises are built of both (rather than say, running for cardio and weight lifting for strength--separate exercises).


I can't even thing of a good search term.


Any help?

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Maybe you want something like circuit training. Exercises that you get your cardio in while you are lifting weights at the same time.


Jillian Michaels has some DVD's that are like this. I also dislike lifting weights, but she has circuits, so it is 3 minutes of dynamic lifting alternating with 2 minutes cardio, one minute abs. It goes fast and it can be fun. Ballet dancing, though I guess that would be more lower than upper body strength. Kickboxing has some of both.


You can also gain strength by doing flow or power yoga, or any exercises where you do a lot of push ups and planks (balancing on your hands and feet while pushed up from the floor).

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