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Claire, question for you

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What "Sound-to-sight" program would you recommend for teaching reading? If I read one of your old post right, SWR is sight to sound? I do have Abcdarian level A-1, but it just moves so slow my son was bored. He knows most of the phonograms and can sound out 3-4 letter words, but he gets stuck on read verses read or when he comes to a word like cake, he doesn't know the a is long unless I tell him. I will remind him of the rule that e makes the a say its long name, but he can't do that on his own. This is why he failed the reading test she gave him during the eval.


I am going to sound like an idiot here, but I have no idea what this means( I know what a syllabnle is, but closed and open sounds ? Im lost lol):


"A syllable is a unit of oral or written language with one vowel sound. Instruction must include the teaching of the six basic types of syllables in the English Language: closed, vowel-consonant-e, open, consonant-le, r-controlled, and diphthong. Syllable division rules must be directly taught in relation to the word structure."


During the eval the professor said he would do well with a structured Orton-Gillingham program that teaches the above, among other things. I am using SWR, but I don't think I am doing the above. They are going to work with me to help me teach him, but is SWR the right program for him?


Edited to add: I found this, but I am still clueless if this is good or not http://www.wilsonlanguage.com/store/item.aspx?id=47601e9d-d25b-dc11-be3c-0003ff30d5ff



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Wow! This is quite a mixture of questions to answer. I'll try.....


The best sound-to-sight program is ABeCeDarian. Did you join the support group for this program to get help on how to tailor it to your son's needs? If it was moving too slowly for your son, it was probably because you didn't know how to modify it for your son's needs. Rules are not used in a sound-to-sight approach, so your handling of the "cake" problem is not compatible with ABeCeDarian.


Most reading programs are sight-to-sound and in some way offshoots of Orton Gillingham. Wilson is one of these approaches. I'm pretty sure it's Laurie4b who is trained in Wilson and could give you some insight into it. SWR is also OG-based, but I am not sure how exactly the two approaches differ.


It sounds as if the professional help you are going to receive is OG-based. These people would not be able to help you with ABeCeDarian because the teaching strategies are very different. Even the language used when teaching is different.


All in all, from your post, it seems to me your best bet is to stick with an OG program since you can get in-person help and support for that approach. Is hiring a tutor out of the question? Even if your son met with an OG tutor for just one hour a week, it would help structure the teaching for you so that you would know what to work on with him in between lessons.


I am trained in both methodologies. With either one, I would work with a student to master basic code words before moving into advanced code concepts. Basic code means the ability to read CVC, CCVC, CVCC, CCVCC, and CVC-e words with mastery. This would be where your son is now. I would not offer a student at this level text that contains either the word "read" (present tense) or the word "read" (past tense) because they are advanced code words.


It's not surprising that the syllabication rules are confusing to you. When I did OG training, *all* of us struggled with the syllabication rules. Take heart, because you only teach one of these at a time and a program such as Wilson will lay out each rule for you as you come to it. On the other hand, this is another reason why I dislike OG. If the syllabication rules are that hard for me to master, I figure they are going to take a lot of time for the student to master too! Sound-to-sight does not teach syllabication rules for reading at all. Instead, it teaches "chunking" of words -- a fairly easy skill to master. Syllabication rules are necessary for spelling, but they are not necessary for reading unless you have a student who can access reading only through spelling -- rare, but these kids do exist.


Well, not sure I have answered everything, but I tried.......

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Thanks Claire, that was helpful! I am wondering if maybe he should be in ABeCedarian short level A, which wouldn't have all the penmanhip pages and looks like it would move faster. I need to join the yahoo group.


As far as tutoring I don't have the funds right now, but I am hoping the teacher will be able to work with me in using whatever we choose. That is my goal.



Again, thank you!

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If you want something for reading without the writing, check out http://www.iseesam.com They are books for teaching reading only. There is a SPELL program that is easy to use that you can get by joining the yahoo group.


Honestly, for my struggling dd, I want her reading well, and then we will add in the writing, spelling, etc.

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Thank you. I am going to order the books tomorrow. I have been using CLP Phonics readers, but I think it's time to step back a bit. I was thinking about the syllable stuff above and realise I have been teaching him syllables with SWR, but not how to tell if it's open, closed etc ( I need to learn this myself :o ) which explains exactly why he doesn't know when to use a long or short sound. It makes perfect sense now. Now to figure what best route to remedy this.


Thanks again, both of you!

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