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Holy Hannah, I'm in shock!

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So I told my folks the other day about my decision to move out of province. My mom called last night to discuss housing options. Apparently they are so concerned about me taking the children out of province where they will seldom see them, they are looking at buying me a house or mobile in a small town close by. They have been emailing me housing listings to see what I think and my dad is going to arrange viewings on the ones I like. The plan is they will get the mortgage in their name, but I would make all the payments, and when I could either buy the remainder out or it is paid off which ever comes first it is mine free and clear!


We are still looking at all options, we still may end up moving to sask but it looks like another option is on the table. Now to wait and see what happens with viewings and if they actually do this. I never dreamed I ever had a chance at actually owning my own home while still a single parent, it would be a great opportunity if they go through with it. AND they are sticking with my wishes to only look at small towns with a more country feel. I think I just may pass out from the thought that we might not have to leave the province after all.

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I know you have had issues with your parents before, but I think this is a wonderful opportunity for you and your kids. I would just make sure they know the limits well in advance.


If they buy you this home, will they still respect your privacy? Are they the type to hold it over your head?


They would respect my privacy, because we would be out of the city they would actually seldom visit. RIght now I only live 20 minutes from their house and they rarely come here, my mom doesn't like to drive, especially on the highway. As for holding it over my head, my mom might try but it wouldn't last long. I don't know if she is even aware of the fact she does this (and has for little things like if she surprises us with a carton of milk), but my dad and my siblings point it out to her as often as I do so then she drops it. So I think with this one, all it would take is a reminder that I am the one paying the mortgage not her that would end any comments she might have(they are putting 0 down as well, so they will have no $$ involved, just their name on the mortgage because I can not qualify at all).


My mom and I fight like cats and dogs but I have always been daddy's girl so I know this is more his idea than her's (he is the reason I have a vehicle as well, I am on my 4th from them, when they stop running[due to age] he buys himself a new vehicle and gives me his old one). SHe is agreeing to it ebcause she can't stand the thought of only seeing her grandkids once or twice a year (right now they see them 3+ times a week).


SO we will see. Until it is actually a done deal I don't want to get too excited, but it is a heck of an opportunity for us. All I know is that I am doubling up on my prayers asking for guidance on what God has in store for my family, if it is a house my folks buy or a move to a whole new province.

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