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Radon Testing

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Our new home has high high levels in the basement, avg. 14%. A mitigation system is being put into day and the basement is also getting sealed. That should take care of it.


Have you tested your basement? Radon is the 2nd highest cause of lung cancer.

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We tested our basement when we moved in. Colorado tends to have higher levels of radon. Our test came back fine, but we will probably be repeating it again at the end of the summer.


In the meantime, opening up those windows in the basement when it is warm helps so much with the radon factor.

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We've tested our homes for radon because we live in a high radon area. New construction also elevates levels temporarily in an area, because the ground is "broken".

I've always thought it was weird, this concern with radon, when I know of radon baths, that people go to to alleviate symptoms of illnesses. I've always likened it to the warnings on everything from the stove to garden hoses, that say that the state of California has determined that this product causes cancer.

A thick plastic sheet on the ground of the crawl space is all that was recommended for remediation in our area - along with crawl space vents.

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