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? for 12yo ds - writing tutor now or later?

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Ds will be entering 7th grade, and I believe is gifted in his writing. We have done VERY little writing formally, but he writes these amazing short stories with depth well beyond his years.


BUT, I feel totally inadequate in critiquing his work. I am more of an intuitive, mediocre writer, and just feel lost on how to judge his work, other than grammar.


So, my question is this. I have a friend who is a lit professor at the local comm college, whom I could hire to tutor ds. We could squeeze out the funds, but it will be a stretch - one that we will definitely sacrifice for if it is worth it. Or, would it be better to just fumble alone with TOG writing aids for the next two years and get him a writing tutor for the hs years?


What say you??:bigear:




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The middle school years are a great time for learning to write especially when you have a student who is capable and eager to learn. By the time a child gets to high school, much writing is already required, and taking the time to learn to write can squeeze a student's schedule. Of course, it's never too late to learn to write, but the earlier a student develops writing competency, the more capable he or she will be of thriving in the rest of the high school curriculum.

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