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Need math help please

Chris in CA

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My oldest dd, aka the guinea pig of homeschooling, wasn't doing well with CD's Pre-Algebra, I've decided to dial it back and begin Pre-Algebra in the fall (she's in 7th right now). So I need to find something to use for the rest of the year (we have about 16 weeks left). I'm trying to decide between Rod & Staff 7 as she used Rod & Staff 1-6 or TT 7.

I'm also trying to decide if we should go with TT pre-algebra or VT for next year.

CD wasn't working for her.



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Hi Chris,

I don't have a kiddo your age yet, but I have a thought since you only have 16 weeks left. How about doing ALEKS for that time period? I'm sure someone on here could give you the code for the free month and that would leave you with about 3 months to pay for ($60 total - 19.95 a month). Anyway, ALEKS will help identify the things she doesn't know, or doesn't know well and help her to understand and work on those things, rather than working on what she already knows well. I think that kind of help will really help her go into Pre-algebra next year, with stronger skills in her currently weak areas. Try it for the 30 days for free and if you don't like it, then go with R&S. I don't think you'll be sorry though, considering you are only talking about a few months. In case you aren't familiar with ALEKS, it is online, so it is computer based like TT, if that is appealing to your daughter. We use it to supplement A Beka and I am really pleased with what my son has learned. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't hesitate to use it as a stand-alone. My son has learned many, many things that haven't been in A Beka, or didn't come up until a later grade, and personally I think A Beka has an "advanced" scope and sequence for the K-6 crowd. Anyway....just a thought. :)

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since R&S 8 is the equivalent of pre-algebra, why not use it next year? Then, perhaps with a bit more time and maturity behind her, she'll be more receptive to a more video or computer-interactive program for algebra.


I do realize it would be nice to get her "used to it" before you hit algebra, when you kind of feel like you better have your ducks in a row. But, I would choose a solid foundation for now, with a transition later at algebra.


Best wishes!


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