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I'm very new to the Classical method. I a wondering about the history timelines. Why do they not recommend them until the middle school years?

I was planning to use Veritas Press' flashcard sets--would it be better to just follow the plan in the book then? (the Usborne Histories and the Kingfisher) That would certainly make it more simple. :)


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We started timelines early, in first grade. Dd didn't get much out of it. We used a wall timeline and Homeschool in The Woods' timeline pictures. It just fizzled.


In second grade, we did a simple book--just sheets of 9x18 white construction paper with a line across the upper third, bound lengthwise with 3 notebook rings. I think what made it better for dd was that she didn't have to color the pictures (we used Hannahs_hs_helps yahoo group's colorful, free timeline cards that perfectly coordinate to SOTW 2), and we made a cover first thing that had mini-pictures of all the fun people and places we were going to discover that year (some taken from Hannah's, some just from yahoo images).


I think it was more of a "let's make something pretty you can look over later" thing for us. She didn't really retain much, but she takes it down from time to time and pages thru it. She impressed herself with all she did! :D


All that is to say, the real purpose is more to draw comparisions, and trace the influence of past events/people on the present (whatever present you are presently studying)--to see how ideas progress/regress, make connections between world events, etc. All these are logic stage skills, so the timeline really belongs in that stage. But for us, the grammar stage purpose of the timeline was to give her pegs on which to hang info that will come later. You can do that a variety of ways--we just went for more of the exposure idea, and the timeline was kinda fun (once we stopped stressing over making it perfect).

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