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NOEO or RS4K Question


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My son got bored doing Exploring Creation Through Astronomy for a full year. I think both he and I like more diversity. Do you think it would work to use NOEO, or RS4K, but do a block of Biology, a block of Chemistry and a block of Physics during the same year? I was thinking of doing the first third of each subject each year for grades 4, 5, and 6.

Or do you think it would be too disjointed?







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Wow. I can speak from Noeo Chem 2 only. It is designed to be an entire year. It is deep stuff. Much of it, I did not get until high school. It is great! I loved it. 1 dd loved it. 1 dd (the 1 who loves diversity), hated it.


I think it would be a lot to try to do 3 different programs in blocks. What I switched to was BJU (up until grade 6). I am not a huge BJU fan, but their science is good and teaches a variety.


For what it is worth, we enjoyed the Astronomy, but got really bored, really quick, with the other single subject oriented science books.

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