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I need more ideas for my 5yo


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We're a week off being halfway through our year and it's always the time I tweak things.


I'm taking things very easy with DD.

She is doing the following when the mood takes her:

Phonics workbooks


Word games

Phonics computer game


Some days she does all of them, some days she does none, I'm totally content with where she is as far as literacy is concerned.


We were doing Math U See Primer in the same manner but I came across a couple of ideas that she couldn't comprehend (place value and the balance of an equation) so I've bought a balancing scale and made a new decimal street and I'm letting her play with those for a while before we move on.


My issue is that she has a lot of spare time, and she often utilises that to bug the boys when they are trying to work. She is a bit obstreperous too, and I think it's because she is bored.


She spends a lot of time in creative and imaginative play which is wonderful.


When she was at preschool, it was very informal but they did 4 topics a year and she came home full of information about all sorts of things. She can tell us all about sea creatures when we go down the beach, or all about how the moon revolves around the earth. I just haven't managed to replicate that at home, and I really feel that I'm letting her down while she is so keen to LEARN stuff, because right now she isn't learning any of those wonderful facts she loves.


I'm going to do little bits and pieces to include her in the history we are doing.


I need more ideas to grab her interest in things without going all formal. I'm all ears :bigear:



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What about some art? Coloring, cut and paste? My son and I found some paper hand puppets that we put together at the at age. After a couple he could do them himself (all of the pieces for each one were bagged together) and then he would play with them.

Another idea I have heard of is to make shoe boxes with sets of a certain subject - Math, Art, or whatever you need. You could have a box with counting items (bears?), dice, cuisinart rods, the balancing scales or whatever that she could work on and play with while you are doing math with your sons. She would then feel like she has her 'math' at the same time. You could do the same with other subjects as you need them.

I hope this helps!

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Sounds like your daughter's K year is a lot like my daughter's was. Very laid back. And...She ended up testing exactly on level.


Some ideas to keep her learning and a little more busy are:


1) Lots of math, and other manipulatives that can only be used at the table (or wherever you designate). These were my daughter's "Math" toys. Sounds like you are already doing some of that.


2) A craft box full of "Stuff" she can create with in any way she like without having to ask for permission or help. We have everything from store bought supplies to aluminum foil, plastic milk jugs, fabric, yarn, clean cups from pudding, egg cartons, etc. My daughter has spent MANY hours "Creating."


3)Easy science activities she can do on her own.


4) My daughter has devoured Zoobooks;They have a version for younger kids called Zootles.


5)Every hour or so remember to give her a few minutes of undivided attention. Reading a short picture book might be enough to spark her interest and get her creating or playing on her own.


6) Dress-up clothes


7)Lots of animal books. She will learn a lot even just looking at pictures on her own


8) Legos, other blocks, magnets, felt boards, colorforms, paper dolls that have stickers to hold them on, white-boards, cutting-glueing activities, "Sewing" sets... the kind with plastic needs and pre-cut holes, lacing sets, Teddy bear counters, geoboards, etc were all big hits at our house.


I found that having a large variety of items kept boredom down. Also, all these items usually provide for quiet play/learning time.

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