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What are your food prep tips for vacations?

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It might help if you could give a few ideas of what a typical lunch or snack might be for your family. For example, what would a quick lunch or snack be for you? What sorts of sandwiches might you eat?


I would include easy to eat fruit (such as apple, orange, dried fruits) - these are hard to find on vacation for some reason, and nice to have around.

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We just took our church kids to a camp where we did the cooking -

taco salad always is a winner,

Pancake casserole (2 c bisquick, 2 c. milk, 2 eggs, 1/4 c. oil, 1/4 tsp baking powder - mix and pour in 9 x 12, sprinkle 1# cooked sausage on top - bake 20 min at 450),

bean dips with chips, veggies, crackers, pita bread

tuna noodle salad - add lots of celery

grilled cheese/meat or veggie sandwiches

Stir fry veggies put on toasted andwich buns with cheese melted on top, add pieces of cooked meat. Or toss meat and veggies with olive oil and pasta

Crepes with cottage cheese and fruit filling

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when you go on vacation....you are supposed go out for every meal.....didnt' you know that?








Seriously, we did a trip to the mountains where we had a rental house. I cooked breakfast and dinner pretty much every night. We made sandwiches to take with us on hikes. By the last night there - I was DONE and we went to Golden Corral. We all loved it and we felt like we were on vacation. I know that sometimes the budget doesn't allow for a lot of eating out. I have been on those budgets. I learned that I needed to try to figure in a good amount for eating out if I was really going to enjoy our vacation.


ETA: I didn't read the whole thread and missed the food allergies part. Sorry!

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I've found that most foods will hold for a day and a half drive if packed in a cooler and the ice is replenished. Some of my favorite salads don't hold up, so I've learned to just pack the raw material for them if I question their availability.


I also check on the internet to see if there are nearby specialty stores. Sometimes they may be an hour or so from where I'm staying.

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Every year for our vacation I buy the 9x13 foil pans from Sam's and the jumbo freezer ziploc bags. I make at least 6 large casseroles and freeze them. I take them in an Igloo and defrost and cook one per night. I buy lots of sandwich/fruits/salad stuff when I get to our location. I basically don't cook during the actual vacation but we don't go out either!

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