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Anyone here substitute Rod and Staff in Kolbe Academy curriculum?


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Newbie here. HSing kindergarten-age DS this fall. Have already learned so much on this site! :)


I plan on registering at some point with Kolbe Academy. Not sure if I'm going to formally register this fall, I do want to try to take it easy with K but since my son is already 6, loves "school" and is very inquisitive (if I say so myself, hee) he may take to the recommended core materials at Kolbe.


Looking a little to the future, I have been reading how Rod and Staff is recommended, I did take a look at it at a recent HS conference and liked what I saw.


I have 2 questions that I hope someone may answer....


Is Rod and Staff have overt doctrinal issues that *may* be problematic for Catholics? Does anyone know how it would compare with what Kolbe offers? Kolbe starts with Voyages in 3rd, MCP Phonics and McGuffey's Eclectic in K, Ignatius Speaks and Writes and MCP Phonics in 1st...



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I know that the Catholic homeschooling book that Seton published says that R & S is fine. Seton still uses some R & S books in their curriculum.


You can substitute R & S with Kolbe no problem, but I wouldn't substitute it all.


Thank you so much for your answer - exactly what I was hoping I'd find...now I need to know what I can and what I maybe shouldn't substitute.....

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We are registered with Kolbe and once used Apologia for science. I have never heard of Kolbe questioning a parent's authority with respect to curriculum choice. If they have concerns, an advisor might bring them up to a parent but would probably leave the final decision up to the parent. I do think, though, at the high school level they are careful that the grade level of materials is appropriate because that could affect their accreditation. I'm just guessing about that though.:001_smile:

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