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Too many ages/stages - help!!

Shelly in VA

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Please help if you can! I know it's late, and things always seem more bleak when I'm tired. :D But I'm thinking about next year, and I cannot get a grip on it. I went to HEAV this weekend, and alternately felt relieved, worried, reenergized, and daunted. Sigh...


Here's the thing I can't quite wrap my mind around. Next year, my 4 kids will be pre-K, early elementary, middle school, and high school. That makes them all working on their own (for the most part); there is no such thing as a "core" that works for a 3rd grader and an 8th grader! In my mind, I know that if thousands of one-room schoolhouse teachers did this with many more than 4 kids, I can do it, but I just can't quite find a starting point.


Maybe I just need someone to tell me it will all look better in the AM!


Btw, my plan (today!) is TOG for history, ABeka for grammar, and, really, I'm not too commited to much else at this moment.


Thank you!!!



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Hi Shelly,


I only have 3 children that I homeschool (7, 11, and 14 in the fall), and I've decided to give Tapestry of Grace a try. Have you attended one of the webinars that TOG is doing this summer? There is one this coming Thursday. It may give you a better idea if TOG will be what you are looking for.


Hope you are feeling better. :)



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Hi Shelly,


I am right there with you and I only have 3. My schedule for next year is going to kill me, I think. Mine will be 9th, 7th and 2nd next year and we will be doing TOG year 3 and I don't have a clue how I will keep up with it all..


9th grader:

TOG year 3 rhetoric for history, geography, church history and literature

Chalkdust Geometry

Introductory Logic with DVD's

Apologia Chemistry with Teaching Company videos and Microchem labs

SWI- Level C for the first semester. It dovetails VERY nicely with the TOG curriculum.

SOS Spanish I

Piano with competitions


7th grader:

TOG Year 3 dialectic for history, geography, church history and literature

Chalkdust Pre-algebra

Apologia General Science

SWI_ level C with brother

SOS Spanish I

Piano with competition


2nd grader

vision therapy

Saxon Phonics and Explode the Code

Singapore math 2a and 2 B



TOG for history


Don't have a clue or energy to figure out science, but I have TONS of resources: Backyard scientist, all elementary Apologia books, etc that the boys did throughout the last few years.


Here is my tentative schedule:


8-8:30- I will be watching Chalkdust Geometry with my 9th grader, 7th grader will be watching and doing Chalkdust Pre-Algebra on his own and 2nd grader will be eating breakfast and doing her morning routine.

8: 30-9 Boys continue with math and I will do Saxon phonics and violin with the 2nd grader

9-9:30 I will work on science with one of the boys. Oldest is doing Chemistry so it may be going over module summary answers or making sure he has what he needs for experiment, etc. My 7th grader will be doing a real textbook with General Science for the first time so I will need to spell out my standards, help him read it, memorize vocab, etc. My 2nd grader has a break.

9:30-10 Boys continue to work on science. I will work on phonics, singapore math and FLL and WWE

10-10:15 Boys take a quick break while I continue working with my daughter.

10:15-12 Boys will work on English and History, though middle one wants to do Spanish in that block. However, Monday will be planning, and Friday I will need to have history and literature discussion with both of them. We will be doing TOG on the rhetoric and dialectic level. They are also both doing IEW intensive C. So I will need to watch the DVD with them so I will understand what they are supposed to do. My daughter will do her vision therapy on the computer as well as handwriting/copywork during this time period. Perhaps finishing math or doing some kind of math drill that doesn't need my help.

12- 12:30 lunch

12:30-1:30 My oldest will practice his piano while middle one does history or Spanish. I will do history or science with my 2nd grader. It will be TOG for history but I'm not sure for science. I guess one of the Apologia Elementary books I have on the shelf.

1:30-2:30 Oldest does Spanish I while middle one practices piano. I continue to do science or history with youngest.. Oh, literature with TOG as well.

2:30-3 Introductory Logic for oldest, Typing Tutor for middle .. I may collapse

At 3 we will do our house cleaning.



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It'll all look better in the AM!


I'm with you... We'll be doing one Dialectic level, one Upper Grammar level, and one Lower Grammar Level and doing Heart of Dakota's Little Hands with two along with a newborn and a 1 year old. Somedays I agree with everyone else... We ARE crazy.


But, Mama, you picked a curriculum that's good. I'd suggest you get your olders up a bit early and do one on one teaching times (math, grammar, et cetera) then so that they can work on their own only coming to you as needed.


I think it's overwhelming when we sit down and think about it. But, in action, maybe it'll be better than we think? :001_huh:


How's that for the extra boost of confidence? :grouphug:

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This summer I added # 6 and I was trying to figure out HOW in the world I'll ever get done before midnight. But no magic curriculum worked. Its like adding a newborn to the family. You tread water a little bit while you figure things out then take one foot in front of the other. I do combine history and science for my younger ones but my oldest in 6th grade can pretty much do all his own work. For abeka he/she should be able to read the lesson plans and do their work and ask questions if needed.

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I'm getting a little freaked out too, since I have #5 arriving in August. My kids are so much younger, though. I'll have a 2nd grader, K/1st, PreK, toddler, and a newborn.


What I think helps immensely is creating a schedule and sticking to it as much as possible. I just posted mine last night. Take a look at it to get the idea of what I'm talking about.


I think the key is having the kids do independent work, combining where you can, and having older kids help younger kids when possible.


Here is the link to my schedule. I don't know how to post a picture on here yet!




Liz in NC

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You really can do this!!!! :001_smile:


I find it helpful for each child to have a weekly schedule sheet so that they know exactly what they are working on each day. That way, I can be working with the youngest while the older kids can go ahead and work on their own. I find they like the freedom of doing this anyway, and it builds responsibility in themselves towards their work.


FWIW, we use Abeka for grammar too, and it is good for independent work. Even my 1st grader will sometimes go ahead and work on her own.


I agree with you - there isn't a core that works for an 8th grader and a 3rd grader. For us, that just doesn't work any more and our children work separately in most areas. There are many good programs out there that our kids will still learn a lot from, once they have developed those skills of learning. Then, we still have a couple of family read-aloud books on the go as well for that all important together time which we still love to have.


All the Best

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