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... which covers gr. 4,5,6 material. We started it with a 5th grade math struggler. We then went on with the new MUS levels -- but since he was still a little shaky in math, we backed up in the new MUS levels to give him more practice/confidence. Our MUS schedule looked like this:


5th gr. = MUS, all of old "Intermediate"

6th gr. = MUS, all of Delta (9 weeks); all of Epsilon (18 weeks); 1/3rd of Zeta (9 weeks)

7th gr. = MUS, backed up and did all of Zeta; supplemented with Singapore

8th gr. = MUS, doing all of Pre-Algebra; supplementing with Singapore and Keys To... series

9th gr. = he will do MUS Algebra, supplemented with Jacobs Algebra



Perhaps consider starting with MUS old Intermediate as review for the first 9 weeks, and then go deeper into decimals and percents (the usual topics for grade 6 math) with Zeta?? Best of luck in placing you child! Warmly, Lori D.

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We've been with MUS since 1st grade. My 6th grader is doing Zeta. If it was up to him he would be further. Math is his strong point but it is not mine. So to make sure he gets it, we take a little longer then he likes. But it's my way to make sure he is better in math then me. :o

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