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Algebra?? Key to, Power Basics, Math Relief, BJU, TT, CD...

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For Algebra I'm considering Key to series.., Power Basics, BJU, Teaching Textbooks, Chalkdust, Math Relief, or something else...


Ds is not a math person, but I feel some parts of algebra will come a little easier to him than previous maths. (We went over some concepts and he "got it" quicker. Yay!) I have three younger children I homeschool as well.


Ds has used texts as well as dvd programs. He says he prefers book over dvd, but I personally like to have a dvd around just in case. :o) So maybe something that offers little or no dvd instruction, but explains it in easy to understand language!


Please give your opinions of these or another math program you prefer. Thank you for your help!!!

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The Key to Algebra series is on the Pre-Algebra level...


If your son prefers a book then I like the Lial series--inexpensive and very well done. DVD lessons are available for about $30 (a bargain). Look for Introductory Algebra 7th or 8th editions. Margaret Lial is the main author. This is a paperback series--a HUGE paperback. E-mail or pm me if you want isbns.


For a program based on DVD lessons I prefer the Chalkdust series. Dr Mosely is easy to understand.


BJU needs DVD teaching--or an experienced teacher as the text does not have enough information.


The other programs you listed are OK--but not in my top favorites list.


It is very difficult to self-teach Algebra and above--even with DVD help. You might want to look for a math tutor or a mathy mom-friend who can help out with occasional questions.



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Teaching Textbooks has worked really well for my family. Sometimes my boys watch the lecture and other times they just read the book. I leave it up to them - as long as they understand what they are doing.


This series costs more up front, but if you keep the books in excellent condition and don't let your kids write in them (separate paper for doing assignments - copier for tests), then the resale value is excellent. Once my sets are sold I've paid roughly $10 - $20 for the math... and sometimes have used the books for more than one son in the meantime. I tend to buy used and resell used.


Most of the programs have samples online. Try looking at them with your son and see which type you (both) prefer.


As a quick note... if you start with TT, then change, you'll need to supplement some of the content as TT pushes off some things to later years (ie quadratic formula to Alg 2, Matrices to Pre-Calc). This has never been a problem for us - and could be good for a slower math learner as it gives their brain more time to develop.

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What we did w/dd#1 was Key to Algebra for Intro to Alg., then Math Relief for Alg I. If you did all three phases of MR, you'd include "Advanced Alg." for 1/2 credit. As to the teaching==I'm not a mathy so we had to have something she could do w/o me. MR isn't the flashiest program, but Mr. Firebaugh knows his stuff. Dd didn't watch every lesson (or would have it on while she did the work), but it was always there for her if she needed help.

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My middle dd loves Kinetic Books. It explains everything very clearly for her. It also has some parts where you can click on the speaker icon and have it explain out loud how to do one of the examples step-by-step.


You can do a trial of the first chapter to see if you like it.


A one-year subscription is $34.95 or a cd-rom (one user only) is $39.95.


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