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Apparently, not seeing daddy out the window is an emergency

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Yesterday dh arrived home as we were getting ready to go out. Seeing his van in the driveway and the lights on in the basement, I went in, called to him to see if he'd watch ds, and he said yes. So far so good--I'd never leave ds home unless dh knew and was staying home.


Next, I went to my van, told ds dh was home and sent him in. He went in, and I drove off happy to have only 2 as ds was tired (getting over being sick, still a bit sick). This afternoon (why he waited until today to tell me, I don't know:rolleyes:) dh told me that ds went to the basement, didn't see dh who'd gone to get something from his van, went upstairs, looked out the window, didn't see dh and called 911. After he hung up, he looked again and saw dh, but too late. The police came to the door and my dh explained what had happened and that he'd been home all the time. The good news, however, is that it wasn't during ps hours!


I can no longer say that my kids have never called 911 unnecessarily!

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Now you have given me something else to worry about! I never thought a child would call 911 because they couldn't find a parent! How old is your ds?


*runs off to tell dc that a missing parent for less than 15 minutes is not an emergency*


Ds is 7 and on the sensitive/worrier side. Had he actually seen dh before that, he might not have called. Why he didn't take me at my word when I said dh was home because I'd spoken with him and the van was here (just the van being here isn't enough as dh does like to go for walks), I don't know.:rolleyes: But he now knows to call one of our cell phones first, and to call outside, too. The thing is that I've always made it a point to tell my kids if I step outside for a minute, which he's now used to, but dh just didn't think of it. And ds likes to be with dh as much as possible when dh is home, so as soon as he took off his jacket, he went to the basement to be with him.

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