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what's your favorite computer typing program?


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For the basic "where the keys are" part, we loved the free Dance Mat typing program at the BBC website (bbc.co.uk)


But to actually learn to type fluently, we have love, love, love Typing Instructor for Kids. Typing Instructor Deluxe is essentially the same thing with different games (less kid-oriented). I bought a bundle from CBD that had both programs for $19.95 - a whole dollar more than buying one program alone. My kids took out the Kid version and didn't even want to look at the other one. With a 12 yo you may have a different reaction (although mine are already almost 11). But the bundle made it so I didn't have to make up my mind beforehand which one they might like. :001_smile:


They've progressed very rapidly with this program.

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We've used Dance Mat and Typing Instructor when dd was younger. A friend, who has homeschool graduates, gave me her old typing book titled Keyboarding Skills, All Grades by Diana Hanbury King. It is a simple, no frills approach where students learn the keyboard in alphabetical order. I'm using it with my 11 yo dd and like it a lot.

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