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What do you know about flying with certain items?

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We are flying out to WY next week for a wagon train trip and there are a few things I was going to get here and take with us but now reading the TSA site, I'm not sure I can take them with us. I may have to buy them there.


Insect repellant:


Aerosol insecticides - You cannot bring any hazardous aerosols, such as insecticides, in either your carry-on or checked luggage. Personal items like hair sprays and deodorants in limited quantities are allowed.


Animal Repellants - You can bring chemical repellants in your checked luggage if the volume is less than 4 ounces and its active ingredient is less than 2%. Most bear repellants exceed these limitations. We suggest you buy these items at your destination and leave them behind when your trip is over.


Would insect repellant fall under either of these? I've read that DEET needs to be at least 10% to be effective.


I guess that is the only one. I figure I can pack sunscreen in the checked bags. If dh wants to take his knife, checked bag as well.

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My motto these days when flying is "When in doubt, leave it out."


I would think the knife would be okay in a checked suitcase. Get the bug repellent on arrival.


I agree. I fly A LOT (in fact, about to leave for the airport now!) and the problem is that airports are inconsistent in what they will and won't allow.


Chances are that they won't even know if your bug spray has 2% or 10% of the active ingredient. They're not opening every bag to read the labels on the can. But, if it were me, I wouldn't bother with the hassle.


So, the knife should be ok if it's checked, but yes....leave out the bug spray

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I thought that I could bring applesauce in our carry on to save on weight in the checked on lugguge....wrong. The security officer told me that if you can squeeze it out it's "liquid". That includes applesauce, peanut butter and even play dough!!!


I checked on all of our toiletries into one hard sided makeup case. We even packed 2 cases of water in our check on baggage. We went to Disneyland and wanted to save on money.


If it's in your check on baggage you're good. Have a great trip!!

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Diaper rash creme is fine to have. If you want to be nice to the TSA agents then only bring a small tube with you. Baby items are usually exempt from a lot of the rules (eg. there is no problem bringing in however much liquids you need or food, including applesauce, as long as it is in proportion to your travel time). Just be sure to take out everything from your diaper bag that may be considered liquid and place it in the bin (I also tell the screener as well before it is scanned).


Have fun travelling.



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