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Does anyone use a Kindle from Amazon?

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I was attracted to these when they first came out and now the newest version is supposed to be really nice. It is pretty big bucks, though. Maybe for my birthday next spring, if the price has come down.


But are they worth it? Would it do what I want it for? My main purpose would be to be able to have books without having the continuing, growing issue of storing books. And the idea that I could take my Kindle with me, say, to the beach and I would have a hundred books available...that sounds pretty close to nirvana to me.


Does any major curriculum come available for Kindle? Like SOTW? Or Usborne?

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I did see some curriculum that is available for it, but I can't seem to remember what it was. However, you would not be able to resell it once you were done with it.


I keep going back and forth on whether I would really like one or not. For the past several years we have not really purchased any non-homeschool books, but instead borrowed them from the library. And you cannot donate or loan your books out when you are done. But I sure would like to have one. Just not sure how practical it would be. :)

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However, you would not be able to resell it once you were done with it.



True, but I'm not big on selling used curriculum. I mostly just want it to disappear when I don't need it anymore so it's not sitting there requiring me to do something about it! :001_smile:


Piggybacking: Does anyone know how user-specific a Kindle is? For example, if someone steals your Kindle, can they instantly start accessing all your downloaded books? Or is it password-protected?


Hmmm. I want to know that, too.

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