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My family is in love with a man named Horatio...

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. . . that if Horatio Hornblower ever knocked on my front door, I would have to go with him. (Fortunately, this isn't about the actor himself, but about the fictional character, so this scenario is 100% impossible.)


We all like this series very much, and ds11 has read all of the books. I keep hoping they make some more of the movies.

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Ooh, we'll have to check them out then!


We allow Star Wars, so I can't imagine that it would be worse than that .... right?


Thanks for the heads up on the sex scene ... we would want to avoid that for our boys, too. :-)


The scene is in Duchess and the Devil. A Spanish woman convinces a guard she can "please" him, so he releases her and immediately she's plopped on the bed, skirt drawn up, etc.


Also, the Wrong War is emotionally taxing because of a relationship, and there's a lot of tongue-kissing.


I just like to know about these things. My son was watching the movie Longitude -- a movie about the invention of a device to calculate longitude -- when all of the sudden, there were women playing cards while topless. ugh

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