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CW...what would you do?

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I was reading the CW Aesop core a few days ago and my son asked me about it, and now he wants to start. He's almost 6. He's definitely bright, maybe gifted (I have people telling me he absolutely is, but I'm not positive). Anyway, he meets the prerequisites for starting Aesop, but the CW authors recommend NOT starting early because other levels are much harder. Soo...what would you do? Would you do as your child asked and go ahead and get started?


Ds likes to write and illustrate comic books, if that helps. He has a whole series, called "Adam the Hero," starring himself :) He's working on a 2nd grade level in math and grammar, higher in spelling. He is a bookworm, and his favorite book is his encyclopedia.


Advice appreciated!



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I would probably start and just go nice and slow. Maybe take a year for A and a year for B. You could always complete Intro. to Poetry before beginning Homer, which is definitely a big step up from Aesop. That would put him at roughly 9 for Homer, which would be reasonable, in my opinion.

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We started Aesop early too. I didn't use the workbooks, so I was able to do everthing at my dd's level. With you son, you might want to combine Aesop with some creative writing. We took two years to go through it by using our own models. We started Homer A (with workbooks) at age 9. Homer is a quite a step up from Aesop. The most difficult part for dd is the additional output that I am requiring. The writing is not especially difficult for her, but Homer introduces some new ways to begin the writing process. The analysis is challenging, but fabulous.

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