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STOMP concert

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I'm jealous! DH and the boys are going to a STOMP concert.


I have to stay home with the baby. :(


My boys are going to love it.



I'm jealous, too! They toured through our city last year, but we weren't able to go. Now where's that stomping smilie? :willy_nilly: :smash:

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AHHH I saw STOMP in Toronto and LOVED it!!! They'll have an absolute blast! Don't worry, you'll hear enough STOMP rhythm for weeks after they get home! They'll be banging and drumming on every surface in your home! :tongue_smilie:


I'm sure! I showed them a video clip, and they both started dancing around the house.

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(You might want to send earplugs w/ them. It can be really loud in some parts.)


It's awesome, though. I've seen it a few times & totally loved it each time.


Wish you could get a babysitter & go along to see it too!


Good idea!


I just remind myself that my baby is growing so quickly, and before I know it will be grown. That helps the sting a little. ;) I can catch a concert in a few years.

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