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Please, fill in the blank: Cottage cheese and ________ is *delicious!*

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like a hefty, whole grain pumpernickel or rye. If you use non fat cottage cheese, it tastes a little chalky that way, so I put snipped fresh chives or sliced scallion tops on it as well.


My Dad used to like a leaf of iceberg lettuce with a glob of cottage cheese on it, with canned peaches on top, then covered with French dressing (the reddish one). I hate that beyond my ability to say. But he really liked it.

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My son with autism is a hugely picky eater. You would think poptarts right? No! He loves cottage cheese mixed with a tablespoon of salsa (has to be Aldi brands for the right texture) and Aldi tortilla chips. This is his dessert. Cracks us up!!

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Cottage cheese with...


...Tuna and crackers

...pretty much any sort of canned fruit, drained


...cinnamon, eggplant, and beef in a moussaka

...peanut butter! (OK, not really... that was one of my pregnancy cravings with my daughter, though)

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This mixture is supposed to have anti-cancer properties. I use a mini food processor to make a mixture of 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1 Tablespoon of flaxseed oil. (Blend this well so there's no oiliness...and that's definitely a good thing for people like me who aren't very fond of flax oil!) Then I stir in things like canned crushed pineapple or tropical fruit, applesauce with cinnamon, or some fresh strawberries.

(If you want to read about why this mixture is supposed to be healthy you can do a search using "Johanna Budwig" or "Budwig protocol". )

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I like with:

noodles and gravy

hot potato and sausage soup (just put a scoop on top)

shredded cheddar and sunflower seeds

Think of what it mixed into at your favorite salad bar - you know, when you load up your plate the first time through;)

I use it to cool down hot dishes and soups for my kids


now if the person who said she adds it to bread dough would share, that sounds good

or at least "pretty good."


I like cc, tomatoes, and salt. I'd like to branch out a bit, though.;)


What do you like?

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With canned fruit

As a topping on a baked potato (especially with tomatoes, too)

In one of two salads that I make:

"Gooey Salad' (I'm sure there's a real name somewhere, but that's what my kids call it): 1 large container cottage cheese, 1 small packet of orange jello (can be sugar free), 1 can mandarin oranges, a few dollops of whip cream. Yummy. You can also make it with lime jello & canned pineapple chunks.


Also, cottage cheese with chopped apples, celery, & crushed pineapple, and some pepper. It's a nice light side dish!

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