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Library wants our rec. for best HS mags

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My local public library carries Practical Homeschooling. If I were thinking about hsing or brand new to it that magazine might scare me off the whole idea. Every time I read it I feel like there are certain inherent expectations about hsing that I just can't meet and will never measure up to because I don't hs using all their recommendations and don't hs for the reasons that are implied in the magazine. HEM, on the other hand, makes hsing seem realistically doable,learning can be fun, and reading the articles makes it clear to me that there are multitude of hsing methods and reasons for hsing and that is ok. Plus, the editors of HEM are unabashed supporters of hsing and I personally find it very encouraging and welcoming to know that there are people out there who share my belief that hsing really is the best way to achieve an education.

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I think that every library should carry Home Education Magazine, as it is the most even-handed and inclusive of all the mags I know of. If someone is looking to start HSing or curious, it will not scare someone off ~ on many levels.


HSing is now done for so many reasons, and HEM doesn't seem to prop up the "stereotype" of HSers as all religious fundamentalists, but human beings interested in doing what is best for their families.... it covers the broadest spectrum. Also, all the advertising is like 50% christian based vs. 50 % secular/ non-religious... which seems fair to me....


That all being said, Secular Homeschooling Magazine is my favorite HS mag, but not necessarily the best "first" magazine for a library to purchase.


Does this help?

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