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Recommendations for an electronic handheld dictionary/thesaurus?

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My son has severe dyslexia. His diagnosis included educational recommendations, and one of them was that we provide him with this device for writing projects:




There are similar ones with a full dictionary on the same site; this one only has a thesaurus and spell check. It seems like there's a pretty broad price range among the products available.


I don't think it would be any different than using a traditional dictionary to look up words, other than possibly missing the practice with finding things in an alphabetical list.

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There is a free web site available that we use and love:



Webster's has a dictionary that is a subscription for about 24.00/year I think but so far I have found the free one great:)



The advantage is that it has pronunciation, history of the word, synonyms, meanings, and sentences:) They also have the small netbook computers for about $200-300.

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